About Us/FAQs

Club Palatine Volleyball is a competitive, fun volleyball team (s) located in Palatine, IL. We train our players in all volleyball skills to allow their natural talents to surface. We believe that volleyball is an enjoy, lifelong sport and we try to create an atmosphere to foster this. We offer practices and teams to BOYS 7th grade through 12th grade.

For more information please contact Kathy Rinella, Club Director, at rinellak@comcast.net. Tel# 847-963-1226.

Q: Do you have national teams? 

A: Yes.  The difference between a “regional” and a “national” team is that a national team competes in a “qualifier” tournament during the regular season and then also competes in the national tournament in the summer (and usually one other summer tournament).   All other tournaments and practices during the regular season are the same for both regional and national teams.  We will consider a national team for the u15, u16, u17, and u18 level, based on player interest.  There will be additional fees to cover the cost of the added tournaments, summer practices and coaches for participation in a national team. 

Q: Does Club Palatine participate in the same tournaments as other clubs in the region? 

A: All Club Palatine teams participate in the same competitive Chicagoland club volleyball tournaments as all the other USAV volleyball clubs in the area.  If you play on Club Palatine you will see and/or compete against school teammates playing on a different club. 

Q: What makes Club Palatine Volleyball special?

A: We focus on players learning all aspects of volleyball and train them to be able to play multiple positions.  All of our teams are 10 players or less allowing for more player court time in tournaments.  During practices our teams receive individualized court time to play and practice as a team.  Furthermore, our philosophy is to practice in an actual playing environment working on skills within the “play” environment vs.  hours of repetitive, single skill set drills.  We believe that this allows for our coaches to spend more one-on-one time with players in areas where they need improvement.  This approach results in better players and more enjoyable practices for the players.  Club Palatine practices in Palatine, Illinois. 

Q: Can a player participate in other high school sports at the same time as the Club Season?

A: Yes, we often have players who are playing in other high school sports at the same time as participating in Club Palatine.  We are very flexible and take this into consideration when signing up for tournaments.

Q: Does Club Palatine provide positional training?

A: Yes, our setters come early to practice to receive positional training and complete setting repetitions.   Our hitters and passers receive positional training during regular practices. 

Q: Does Club Palatine offer assistance with obtaining college scholarships?

A: We provide sample emails and a list of colleges that have men's volleyball programs. We are always willing to reach out to a college that interests one of our players. 

Q: What do players say about Club Palatine who have played with other USAV clubs?

A: Player’s say that they received more tournament play time at Club Palatine, the practices are more “play” oriented than drill after drill, and that the practices are close to home