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Club Palatine 2022/2023 season: 

Thank you for participating in Club Palatine Volleyball this past season.  We hope that you enjoyed playing volleyball and receiving coaching from our staff the past 5 months.  The coaches are all looking forward to hearing back from you regarding how your high school tryouts go and also seeing you play on your school teams in the next couple months.

Tryouts for the 2023/24 season will most likely be the last week of August, 2023.  Dates are determined by the volleyball associations.  Please check back at our website at the beginning of summer for the exact date and to sign-up.  You will need to sign up in order to participate in tryouts.

Some parents have asked about summer camps.  Some of the colleges have summer camps (Loyola, Lewis, Dominican, Carthage, Rockford, etc.).  These camps will provide reps and another coach's perspective on your techniques and form.

Good luck to our seniors with their next adventure!  We hope that you all continue to enjoy playing volleyball both socially and competitively.


Club Palatine is a competitive, fun boys volleyball club located in Palatine, Illinois. We train our players in all volleyball skills to allow their natural talents to surface. We believe that volleyball is an enjoyable, life-long sport and try to create an atmosphere to foster this.

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